uPVC door won't open or lock?
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Expert uPVC door repairs in Doncaster

All work comes with a guarantee and our aim is to keep all our customers secure and happy with our uPVC door repairs in Doncaster.

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Danum Locksmiths have been repairing and replacing the locking strips on uPVC doors since 1980. If you can not now open your door, this does mean a new door. If you go to a double glazing installer he will no doubt tell you parts are not available anymore and you need a new door. This is wrong, we have vast stocks of all types of locking mechanism’s fitted in the Doncaster area. Even if the parts are now out of stock, we will be able to fit an upgraded version. This will add to your home security.

On the locking strip (called a multi-point lock) there is usually a brand name, this will most likely be one of the following:

  • Fuhr
  • GU
  • Ferco
  • Maco
  • Mila
  • Lockmaster
  • Millenco
  • Advocett
  • Winkhaus
  • S.I.
  • Yale
  • ERA
  • Coldseal
  • KFV
  • Staybrite

There are others but these are the most common lock types found in Doncaster.

Patio door repairs

Sliding patio and tilt and slide doors can also be looked at by Danum Locksmiths. If the locking element has failed we can help out in this repair. The doors run on wheels at the bottom. These can wear and make the door difficult to slide across. Let Danum Locksmiths quote to replace the wheels, it will probably save you cash by not having to replace the whole door.

Ultion lock for ultimate protection

Choose Ultion

uPVC window repairs

Danum Locksmiths is also able to repair faulty windows. If the hinges have buckled or seized, these can be replaced. Handles can be swapped at reasonable prices. The locking part called the espagnolette is also replaceable.

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